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The Opportunity In Special Order Door Hardware

Increase your overall offering to your customers.

HSI makes it easy to offer door hardware from vendors not represented on your shelves. 

Increasing your product offering means increasing the number of solutions you are able to offer your customer.

Reduce inventory costs.

By definition, special orders don’t sit on your shelves. Which means you don’t have to worry about the cost of stock that isn’t moving.

With HSI’s same day shipping and five distribution centers nationwide, your customer can get exactly what they want and have it in short order.

Special Order can be more profitable.

Offering door hardware that is otherwise, difficult to find leaves more room for margin.

You can be the hero and make a little extra in the process. That’s a win-win.

Special Order allows you to offer commercial hardware.

When a local handyman or contractor has a customer that needs a new door closer or mortise lock, you don’t have to send him packing.

HSI stocks a large commercial offering with hardware to fit every application and need - and if we have it, you can sell it.

HSI provides keying services.

Keying locks can be complicated. It requires time and attention to detail.
HSI’s hardware professionals take care of this problem for you by handling the keying on all special order hardware.

That’s one less thing to think about - and one less thing to slow you down.

Special Order makes you better.

Being the hardware store with a deep selection of door hardware helps differentiate you from the competition.

You can be the store with all the answers. Your competitors will be the store that never has what the customer needs.

About HSIAbout HSI

HSI was founded in 1983 with the purpose of filling in the gap between market demand and factory lead times.

More focused than ever on satisfying our customers needs, HSI offers a level of service unmatched by it’s competitors.

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